BIONET is the first publicly listed company in Taiwan specializing in cell therapy that possesses the core technology and preparation capabilities of medical-grade cell therapy products. The company not only applies cells to more than 60 types of diseases but also provides exosome services. In addition, The Mesenchymal Stem Cell bank was established in 2005. Under the special regulations for cell therapy by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, approved treatments include the use of adipose-derived stem cells for osteoarthritis and chronic wounds, and immune cells (CIK) for the treatment of various cancers such as colorectal cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, and liver cancer.

GGA is the first company in Taiwan that specializes in both "precision health/genomic medicine" and "digital medical technology," integrating biomedical and information technologies. For many years, we have provided the medical community with various clinical testing and analysis reports, with the goal of "Patient-centered Total Testing Process," which focuses on the ultimate and best clinical outcomes for patients. We actively practice comprehensive, all-age precision health services.

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40% of approved cases for the treatment of degenerative arthritis and knee cartilage defects in Taiwan.
80% of approved cases for the treatment of chronic wound in Taiwan.
Over 130 cases of compassion treatment through collaboration with medical centers.
25 patents related to cell preparation (Material and methods/ Application/ Storage Equipment/ International patent/ Equipment)

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